Nate and Mary

Mary came to me with the brilliant idea of driving up to Sedona for an epic bridal session. The drive from Phoenix was only about 2 hours and the perfect opportunity for me to get to know the bride and groom a bit better. We arrived earlier than we had anticipated so we stopped by Oak Creek in Sedona where the leaves were in full Fall foliage splendor. We had an emotional “first look” reveal of the bride in her beautiful custom made, lace wedding gown. Running a bit behind because of Sedona traffic we arrived at the trailhead a tad behind schedule. So we literally raced against the clock to make to to the summit before sunset. We arrived just in time to a small crowd cheering us on. The pictures are simply stunning and the bride and groom where incredible, hiking up 550 feet in half a mile wearing a wedding gown and 3 piece suit! Cheers!

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